Attorneys Fighting Drug Possession Charges in Boise, Idaho

Many drug possession charges are the result of indiscretion. However, these charges do not have to compromise your prospects for the future. At Kormanik & Sneed LLP, our attorneys are dedicated to each client's best interest. We provide experienced, aggressive service to help you defeat the charges, minimize your penalties or enroll in a diversionary program.

If you are facing drug possession or paraphernalia charges, you should exercise your right to remain silent and act quickly to put up a strong defense. Call 208.288.1888 or contact our firm online to meet with one of our criminal defense lawyers. Our office is located in Boise, Idaho and we handle charges involving:

  • Felony/ Misdemeanor drug offenses
  • Marijuana possession
  • Possession of methamphetamines including crystal methamphetamine
  • Possession of paraphernalia such as syringes or pipes

Alternative Sentencing in Drug Court

In Ada County and Canyon County, you may have access to drug court for certain offenses. For clients who are charged with a first offense, a drug court judge may be open to providing alternative sentences. This can involve counseling or community service. While the charges will remain on your criminal record, you may be able to avoid fines and time in jail.

Complexities in Drug Possession Charges

If your charge is a second or third offense, then your potential penalties will be more serious and may require a more vigorous defense. In addition, many drug possession charges come attached to charges like drunk driving or other traffic violations that triggered the vehicle search.

Our drug possession defense attorneys will aggressively stand up to defend your Fourth Amendment rights guarding against unwarranted searches and seizures. We will work with you to do everything possible to minimize the effect these charges will have on your life.

To schedule an appointment with a lawyer at Kormanik & Sneed LLP, call 208.288.1888 or contact our firm online today.