If you believe you may need to file for adoption, call the lawyers at Kormanik & Sneed LLP to guide you through the process.

Adoptions create a court-ordered legal relationship between the party seeking to adopt (most often an adult seeking to serve as a parent) and the subject of the adoption (most often a minor child). The granting of a petition for adoption results in the adopting party being legally recognized as and charged with the duties and responsibilities of being the parent of the child. This is a serious undertaking and a life-long commitment by the adopting party. The gravity of becoming an adoptive parent cannot be understated. Of course, adopting a child is also a selfless act that is extremely rewarding.

They are various types of adoption actions allowed by Idaho law. The most common adoptions are step-parent adoptions-when a child's biological parent has remarried and the new parent wishes to adopt the child/children. Another common form of adoption are those that occur soon after the birth of the child, when the biological parents are incapable or unwilling to care for the child. There are other forms of adoptions that can have specific rules and requirements in order to be granted. We will help you understand and navigate the process to ensure the most streamlined and cost-efficient results.

If you are considering adoption, but are not familiar with the legal process, please contact the attorneys at Kormanik & Sneed LLP to schedule a consultation.