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Child support is usually a fairly dispassionate process with little room for dispute. Payments are calculated based on an equation set forth in Idaho's Child Support Guidelines. It is uncommon for judges to allow deviations from this formula.

However, if the judge thinks you are trying to take advantage of the system or are manipulating the numbers unfairly, even if you only made an honest mistake, it will ultimately work to your disadvantage. Our lawyers will help you avoid pitfalls and reach a fair child support arrangement. Call 208.288.1888 or contact us online for an appointment.

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Idaho Courts Crack Down on "Voluntary Underemployment"

Child support payments are calculated based on the physical custody arrangement and both parents' incomes and certain expenses. The higher the income of the paying parent, the higher the child support payments will be. As a result, some parents choose to slash their working hours in order to slash their child support payments.

Of course, that choice is never in the child's best interest. The court will examine the qualifications and past work experiences of the parent paying child support to determine if her or she is "voluntarily underemployed." Then, the court calculates child support payments based on what the parent should be able to earn, rather than the parent's actual earnings. This effectively forces the underemployed parent to become fully employed.

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