Modification of Family Law Orders in Boise, Idaho

A non-married parent can file for modification of orders relating to child custody, child visitation and child support any time there is a "substantial material change" in circumstances affecting either parent's ability to raise the children.

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As time passes, the circumstances of our lives change. At Kormanik & Sneed LLP, we look to the future and attempt to help our clients anticipate and avoid the need to modify child support as well as custody and visitation orders. However, if the need comes, or if your former spouse attempts to impose an unfair modification of an order, we can help.

What is a "Substantial Material Change"?

You can only qualify for modification of an order if there has been a substantial material change in your life, your spouse's life or your child's life. Anything that significantly affects either parent's ability to help care for the child can qualify. This may be a change in income, a health problem, a sudden descent into drug or alcohol abuse or the desire to relocate to a new area.

Even very predictable events can qualify as a substantial change. For example, if the child was two years old at the time of the divorce and is now seven, you may be able to obtain approval for modification of orders related to child support and child custody.

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