Assisting Idaho Property Owners in Eminent Domain and Condemnation

Has the government notified you that it plans to take your property through eminent domain? This constitutional power grants the government the ability to take a person's property for public use after it pays them "just compensation." Many of the disputes our firm handles involve questions not so much about whether the taking of a person's property is legal, but whether the amount offered by the government is reasonable and just. If you have received notice of the government's intention to condemn your property, or have received an offer from the government to pay for its condemnation of your property, please speak with one of our lawyers immediately. They will not hesitate to hire experts to appraise your property to determine its true value.

Our firm has the resources and expertise to provide clients with representation in any matter related to governmental imposition of regulation upon real property, whether such regulation takes the form of zoning, permitting or eminent domain/condemnation.

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