Drafting Business Contracts and Handling Contract Disputes in Boise, Idaho

Contracts form the legal basis of almost all business relationships. When business contracts function properly, they allow both parties to reap mutual benefits. When they fail, they create costly, high-stakes conflicts that may take months or years to resolve.

If you are entering into negotiations to draft a contract, or if you are involved in a contract dispute, it is essential to find an attorney with the experience and dedication it takes to provide efficient, effective service for your legal matter. To meet with a lawyer at Kormanik & Sneed LLP, call 208.288.1888 or contact us online today.

Negotiating and Drafting Business Contracts

It is not advisable to enter into a contract that was not drafted or at least reviewed by an attorney. At Kormanik & Sneed LLP, we help clients anticipate everything that could possibly go wrong with their transaction, then take measures to avoid it.

Aggressive Representation in Contract Disputes

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in breach of contract lawsuits. We will zealously, aggressively pursue your best interest in any case. Our attorneys are colleagues and also friends who have worked together for many years. When you hire our firm, you will have a team of lawyers working to resolve your claim.

In addition to handling negotiations and trials, we can also take your case on appeal if necessary. Our business law attorneys have practiced in the Idaho Court of Appeals, the Idaho Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

To discuss negotiating a business contract or litigating a contract dispute, schedule an initial consultation today by calling 208.288.1888 or by contacting our offices online.