Bad Faith Insurance Coverage Disputes in Boise, Idaho

Whenever an insurance company improperly delays, denies or ignores a valid insurance claim, that company may be sued for bad faith. At Kormanik & Sneed LLP, we represent individual insureds against powerful insurance companies, helping clients exercise their rights and demand the coverage they deserve.

While we primarily handle insurance coverage disputes related to business property and construction, we also handle denied property claims, personal injury claims and other coverage disputes. This may include property lost in a fire, in an accident, in a flood or in any other event that is covered by the insurance policy. To schedule an appointment to discuss your claim, call 208.288.1888 or contact us online today.

Bad Faith Claims and Insurance Agents

A bad faith insurance claim can be triggered whenever an insurance company fails to pay a valid claim in a timely manner. Additionally, a bad faith claim can arise if the insurance company misrepresents the terms of the policy or unreasonably delays a determination of coverage. Idaho law outlines what an insurance company can and cannot do in dealing with their insureds.

If Your Are Sued, Your Insurance Company Has a Duty To Protect You

Many insurance coverage disputes involve valid claims which an insurance company denies coverage for based upon the supposed "fine print" in the insurance policy. Often if there is a question about the facts in a case or claim, or if there is a question about the terms of the policy, an insurance company may deny the claim or ignore its duty to defend its insured. In these cases, the insurance company is supposed to protect you from liability by defending you in the lawsuit and paying the final settlement. If the insurance company leaves you unnecessarily exposed to liability, you may need to sue them to recoup your losses.

If you believe your insurance company or agent has acted unfairly or in bad faith, our lawyers can help. Call 208.288.1888 or contact us online to discuss your insurance coverage dispute.