Fighting for Motorcycle Accident Compensation in Boise, Idaho

When a motorcyclist loses control or is struck by an automobile, the injuries are almost always very serious, and sometimes fatal. Apart from protective clothing, there is very little to soften the impact between the rider and the ground.

At Kormanik & Sneed LLP, our attorneys provide personalized, experienced, focused and dedicated legal service to help clients whose lives have been seriously affected by motorcycle accidents. We stand up and fight for each client's fair compensation.

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Motorcycle Riders are Rarely at Fault

People who don't ride motorcycles often believe that motorcycle riders are reckless and risky individuals. As a result, they tend to believe that riders are at fault in motorcycle accidents. In reality, most motorcyclists take safety very seriously, and most accidents are caused by inattentive drivers who "just didn't see" the motorcyclist.

We Handle Serious, Severe Injuries

Our attorneys work as a team to handle the most severe motorcycle accident injuries. We will consult with financial, vocational, economic, medical and psychological experts to determine the injury's true impact on your life. Many severe injuries require long term medical treatment, and disabilities often prevent individuals from working. In addition, many motorcycle accidents are fatal. At Kormanik & Sneed LLP, we represent people with all types of serious injuries, including:

  • Wrongful death
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Amputations
  • Severe disfigurement
  • "Road rash" and other burns

We are also available to represent you when your injury involves a bad faith insurance coverage dispute against the insurer. We provide personalized, accessible, attentive legal service. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your injury claim with one of our lawyers, call 208.288.1888 or contact us online today.