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Drug Crimes


You've been charged with a drug crime – simple possession or, worse, distribution. Marijuana is legal in surrounding states and you just don't think its a big deal to use it here in Idaho. Or, you are traveling through Idaho on your way home from, say Oregon or  Washington, and are pulled over for what law enforcement contends is a “traffic infraction.” You are questioned and you admit there are drugs, of whatever type, in your car. You either receive a misdemeanor citation or are arrested, depending on the quantity. In all likelihood, there is also paraphernalia in your car, which carries with it its own separate charge.

Drug crimes, whether they be misdemeanor or felony, are serious. They carry with them the potential for loss of freedom, significant fines, and collateral consequences such as ineligibility for some state and federal assistance programs. It's a big deal and you should have an attorney with you every step of the way.

Additionally, for many drug crimes, there are potential “speciality” courts, such as drug court or veterans court, which may be available to you. If you don't have an attorney to guide you through the process, you'll likely be unaware of the alternative courts and the ins-and-outs of them.

If you've been charged with a drug crime, contact us today so you can stop worrying today. We'll explain everything to you, see if there are any “technicalities” to get evidence thrown out, negotiate with the prosecutor to achieve an acceptable outcome and, if you want, take your case to trial and make the State prove its case. (After all, we're trial attorneys, that's what we enjoy doing!)

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