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Homicide is the unlawful taking of another's life. This means, unless you are authorized by law to kill someone, if you take the life of someone else, it is a homicide. There are many “classes” of homicide: from involuntary manslaughter (the unlawful taking of the life of another without intent or due to negligence) all the way up to first degree murder (the unlawful taking of the life of another with intent and malice aforethought). There are affirmative defenses to homicide, such as self-defense.

As you know, a charge of homicide is the most significant allegation that can be made and, under certain particular circumstances, can carry the potential for the death penalty.

We know the ins and outs of the law of homicide and have been involved in helping clients through charges of this magnitude. We can help you or your loved one accused of homicide as well. Contact us.

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