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Fixed Fees

We offer fixed fees for most misdemeanor representation. If you have a misdemeanor in Ada, Canyon, Elmore, or Valley County, the fixed fee for representation up to the first pretrial conference will be $1,250. Each additional pretrial conference will be $300. If the matter does not settle by a plea agreement, an additional $2,000 will be necessary for trial. Fixed fees for other areas are also available but will necessarily include an increase for travel time. Fixed fees are also available for felony representation. The fee required will be discussed prior to retention.

We also offer fixed fees in many other cases. Contact us and we will give you a quote for fixed-fee legal representation.

Hourly Rates

We offer representation at hourly rates based on the type of matter. Our rates range from $175/hour to $275/hour.

Evergreen Retainers

If you utilize our hourly-rate fee structure, you will be required to deposit a retainer with us. The amount depends on the type of matter, but typically ranges between $2,500 and $10,000. The retainer will be billed for the hourly work performed on your case at the end of each month. For example, time expended, and costs incurred, on your case in the month of March will be billed against your retainer on or before April 15. If and when your retainer reaches a certain level, it will need to be replenished to the original amount. We will, of course, notify of you of this requirement if and when it happens.

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