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Business Matters and Disputes

Are you interested in starting your own business? • Have you already started your own business, but you are unsure of what kind of legal requirements may apply to you? • Do you think you need to have your employees sign a non-compete agreement? • Has your former employee violated the terms of a non-disclosure agreement? • Have you been sued by a current or former employee who alleges your business violated the law in some way?

If so, please contact us now to ensure your business is protected from any pitfalls or claims that could jeopardize its ability to function.

If you are thinking about creating a new business entity or changing your current business structure, our firm can assist you and ensure you are protected.  As your business evolves, sometimes changes become necessary to governance documents, how a business is structured, how the business is owned, and many other facets of business ownership.  We can help guide you through any business creation or growing pains you may be facing.

As a business owner, you may have employees.  If you you do, you will at some point have an employment law issue that arises.  We can advise you about whether and when you should enter into employment agreements or require your employees to sign non-compete agreements, non-disclosure/ confidentiality agreements, non-solicit agreements, trade secret agreements and/or separation agreements.  We are experienced at drafting and enforcing these types of agreements on behalf of business owners like you, so that they conform with applicable law and protect your rights and business interests to the maximum extent allowed by law.

If after entering into any of these types of agreements, your employee breaches his/her agreement with you, our attorneys are experienced at pursuing litigation to enforce these types of agreements to ensure your business's trade secrets, proprietary information, client lists, and unique practices and procedures are protected and remain confidential.

We can also advise you about, draft, and/or revise policy and procedure manuals, training procedures for your employees.  Our lawyers also routinely defend employers like you from claims made by employees like wage claims and claims based on unlawful employment discrimination or harassment.

If any of these issues sounds familiar to you, please contact us.

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