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Case Results

  • Defense of Idaho Employer Sued for Alleged Discrimination

    February 2020

    In February of 2020, Brad Sneed went to trial in defense of an Idaho credit union.  One of the credit union's former employees sued the credit union, alleging she was discriminated against when she was terminated in February of 2018.  The case was tried to a 12-person jury on Feb. 25-28, 2020.   ... Read On

  • State of Idaho v. Nunez, Jr. - Not Guilty

    October 2019

    Not guilty verdict on an "Assault on Certain Personnel" felony charge in Elmore County. Read On

  • State of Idaho v. Policy

    September 2019

    Mr. Policy was charged with felony aggravated assault. He reached an agreement with the State wherein he plead guilty to misdemeanor disturbing the peace. He received a "withheld judgment" and was sentenced to pay a fine and court costs and was placed on a 6-month period of unsupervised probation. If and when Mr. Policy successfully completes his period of unsupervised probation, his case will be dismissed. Read On

  • State of Idaho v. VanHouten

    September 2019

    Ms. VanHouten was charged with felony injury to a child. Prior to her preliminary hearing, she agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor injury to a child, and received a withheld judgment. Read On

  • United States v. Chul Gibbs

    September 2019

    Mr. Gibbs was charged with crimes for which he faced a maximum of 30 years' imprisonment. He reached a plea agreement with the United States, pled guilty to 2 crimes, and was sentenced to 48 months' (4 years') imprisonment. His pending Idaho cases were dismissed following his federal sentencing. Read On

  • State of Idaho v. Brian Sabol

    September 2019

    Mr. Sabol was charged with crimes in three different Ada County cases. In case number CR01-19-8052, he was alleged to have possessed drugs with the intent to deliver and trafficking in marijuana, the State sought a persistent violator finding based on Mr. Sabol's prior criminal convictions. In ca... Read On

  • State of Idaho v. Celaya

    August 2019

    Ms. Celaya was charged with felony grand theft by possession of stolen property. Pursuant to a plea agreement with the State, she pled guilty to misdemeanor petit theft, was ordered to pay a fine and court costs, placed on 12 months unsupervised probation, and received a withheld judgment. Read On

  • Six-Figure Settlement Against the State of Idaho (Disability Discrimination)

    May 2019

    Bradley Sneed's client recently settled her claim of unlawful termination/discrimination against an agency of the State of Idaho.  The client suffered from a disability, which was disclosed to her former employer and direct supervisor.  The direct supervisor had a history of discriminatory and ha... Read On

  • State v Riggs - First Degree Murder

    Mr. Riggs is charged with first degree murder in Elmore County, Idaho. The trial ended in a mistrial on Thursday, February 21, 2019.  Read On

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