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Case Results

  • $2,000,000 Non-Compete Lawsuit Settled (2022)

    In 2020, Brad Sneed was hired by a regional provider of appliance repair services.  This company was named as a defendant in a noncompete lawsuit because it had hired a few technicians that had previously worked for the plaintiff--a competing appliance repair company.  Three of the technicians we... Read On

  • Contested Guardianship Victory for Grandma

    In 2022, Brad Sneed was retained by the grandmother of a minor who desired to have her appointed as his legal guardian.  The minor's mother was incarcerated years earlier and the father had abandoned the minor.  In about 2017, the sister-in-law of the minor's mother was appointed as guardian.  Ho... Read On

  • Satisfaction of Mortgage Via Lawsuit

    In 2022, Brad Sneed was able to secure a signed Satisfaction of Mortgage from an opposing party on behalf of his clients.  The parties entered into a section 1031 exchange of real properties in 2013.  In connection with the exchange of real properties, Brad's clients gave the opposing party a mor... Read On

  • Partition/Forced Sale of Real Property

    In late 2022, Brad Sneed was able to achieve a great result for his client by forcing a sale of real property that was co-owned by Brad's client and the client's romantic partner.  The parties purchased a house together in 2018 and both names appeared on the deed.  Later, the parties' relationshi... Read On

  • Defense of Idaho Employer Sued for Alleged Discrimination

    February 2020

    In February of 2020, Brad Sneed went to trial in defense of an Idaho credit union.  One of the credit union's former employees sued the credit union, alleging she was discriminated against when she was terminated in February of 2018.  The case was tried to a 12-person jury on Feb. 25-28, 2020.   ... Read On

  • Six-Figure Settlement Against the State of Idaho (Disability Discrimination)

    May 2019

    Bradley Sneed's client recently settled her claim of unlawful termination/discrimination against an agency of the State of Idaho.  The client suffered from a disability, which was disclosed to her former employer and direct supervisor.  The direct supervisor had a history of discriminatory and ha... Read On

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