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Partition/Forced Sale of Real Property

In late 2022, Brad Sneed was able to achieve a great result for his client by forcing a sale of real property that was co-owned by Brad's client and the client's romantic partner.  The parties purchased a house together in 2018 and both names appeared on the deed.  Later, the parties' relationship deteriorated and Brad's client left the house, leaving behind almost all of the co-owned personal property.  When Brad's client was unable to negotiate a satisfactory division of the personal property or recoup the value of his interest in the house, the client contacted Brad.

A lawsuit was filed to recover the client's 50% interest in the real property and his 50% interest in many items of personal property, including a $35,000 RV the parties jointly purchased.  After several months of discovery and negotiations, the opposing party begrudgingly agreed to sell the house, the house was sold, and Brad's client recovered his 50% interest in all items of real and personal property--a sum of over $130,000.   

Practice area(s): Civil Law

Court: Ada County District Court

Bradley V. Sneed

Brad represents clients in family law (divorce, child custody/support modifications, guardianships), employment disputes (employers and employees), construction disputes, and insurance coverage dispute litigation.  If you find yourself faced with the need for legal guidance in any of these fields, contact Brad so he can take all steps necessary to protect you.

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